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Scarborough and Cayton Bay Surf Forecast  (Last updated: 12th January)

With a 4 - 6 meter forecasted swell hitting us Friday we are gonna get some great surf . Dodge the winds and finding the right spots is the key here.


Forecast Date Wave Conditions Swell Direction Swell Size Wind Direction Wind Speed High Tide AM High Tide PM
12th January

Likely to be around 3 feet + with very strong offshore winds . Swell could start to build big time by dark today.

NNW 3 feet + W 18 - 30 mph 3.35 5.8m 3.56 5.9m
13th January

With all wave models pointing towards a 4 - 6 metre swell today its certainly gonna be in the XL category folks. Probably out of control on the normal surf spots so head for more southern facing locations or wrap around spots that will be out of the wind more. The wind is forecasted to drop and change a little more westerly last few hours before dark .

N Potentially Huge NW 20 - 40 mph 4.24 5.9m 4.42 6.1m
14th January

Slight drop in swell but still in the double overhead plus category today. Wind swing North Westerley again but not as strong as previous days. There are spots out there with more southern facing exposures which could very well handle the goods.

N 8-10 feet NW 18 - 28 mph 5.11 5.9m 5.26 6.1m
15th January

Undoubtedly looking like the quality day of surfing today . With long range forecasts of 4-5 feet and favourable offshore winds. Could be very good indeed.

N 4 - 5 feet SW 10-24 mph 5.58 5.7m 6.11 6.0m
16th January

A smaller day in the 2-3 feet category as the swell drops away . The morning obviously the choice as trending down and getting smaller through the day folks. Winds at this present time forecasted WNW cross offshore on Scarborough facing beaches.

N 2 feet + dropping later WNW 10 - 18 mph 6.42 5.6m 6.55 5.8m


All times are GMT except Mar 27 - Oct 29 which are British Summer Time
This Surf Forecast is for the Scarborough area covering North Bay, South Bay and Cayton Bay and is based entirely on our knowledge of the local area.