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Top 5 Winter Wetsuits for 2019!

Words by Secret Spot

on 10/06/2019 16:13:33


Choosing a winter wetsuit for 2019/20 and need some guidance?  We have tried and tested whats hot this season and chosen 5 of our favourites...

Winter Wetsuits are something a necessity here up North on the East Coast so we know a thing or two about the cold. With King of the point on again this season, we thought it was high time we looked at our best suits for winter 2019/20. Choosing the right Winter Wetsuit doesn't have to be a difficult task at all, and that's where this blog comes in to give you a little hand in choosing the right suit for you. We're going to give you the run down of the Top 5 Winter Wetsuits we at Secret Spot have to offer.

First lets tackle the basics of buying a winter wetsuit:

1 - You Get what you pay for.

As we much as we hate to say it, it's true! When buying a wetsuit the cost does reflect the performance and quality of the suit. The cost of a wetsuit doesn't feature any unwanted extras that you might find with a car or a computer, the cost reflects the fact that the neoprene is better, the lining and technology is better, the durability is better. It's exactly what you pay for!

2 - Look at where you surf and how you feel the cold.

There is a lot of surfers out there who will feel the cold more than others wherever they are surfing. If you feel the cold a lot in winter we recommend surfing either a 5/4 to 6/4 Hooded Wetsuit in the U.K, if you don't feel the cold as much then you can go down to 4/3 wetsuit in certain areas of the U.K. A lot of surfers who surf the South Coast or surf closer to France in the winter have said they can quite happily surf a 4/3 and stay perfectly warm. So it's all about personal preference, every surfer is different.

3 - Know Your Fit.

Each brand of wetsuit has a different fit to others. For example, If you've surfed O'Neill suits for as long as you can remember then you will know how they fit and knowledge of how they fit will be engraved on your brain. However, If you've surfed O'Neill suits and fancy a change to let's say Patagonia or Rip Curl then be sure to take a look at the other brands size charts as sizing does vary from brand to brand.

4 - Don't Hesitate To Get In Touch.

If you find yourself struggling with sizing or just want more info on the wetsuit you'd like to purchase, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We have Live chat on the site available to everyone or you can give us a bell on 01723867919. Or if you fancy getting hands on with any of our suits why not visit our Scarborough or Cayton Bay Stores?! We all know our stuff about wetsuits here at Secret Spot, so if you need any advice get in touch. We are here to make the right surfer gets the right wetsuit!

Right now the good bit, The Top 5 Wetsuits:

O'Neill Hyperfreak Hooded Wetsuit

O'Neill Hyperfreak 5.5/4.5mm Hooded Wetsuit - £279.95

We are all massive fans of O'Neill suits and the 2019/20 Hyperfreak Hooded is no exception. Why? Well first of all it feels extremely light and possibly the most flexible hooded winter wetsuit out there. Trying the suit on it feels more like a summer suit, there is virtually no restriction around the shoulders and back and zero pressure on the neck when the hood is pulled on.

Without getting too technical, the essentials are stitched, glued and liquid seams through-out, and the use O'Neill's exclusive Techno-Butter 3 and 3x Neoprene. If you want to stay in for long periods in the worst conditions there maybe slightly warmer suits out there than the Hyperfreak but they have nowhere near the flexibility and comfort of this one.....We know what we prefer! Awesome winter suit and a really good price.

Buy O'Neill Hyperfreak 5.5/4.5mm Hooded wetsuit >>

Patagonia - R4 Yulex Hooded Wetsuit

Patagonia - R4 Yulex Hooded Wetsuit £450

The Patagonia R4 Yulex, well if you haven't heard about this wetsuit, where have you been?!  The R4 wetsuit is one hell of suit, it's seen some recent improvements to past R4's. 

The Neoprene is now thicker 5.5/4.5mm, the wool lining has been teamed with Patagonia's amazing hydrophobic micro-grid recycled polyester for extra warmth and flexibility.  The R4 is the creme de la creme of winter wetsuits.  Oh did we mention the price has gone down too.  It seriously doesn't get much better than this!!!!

Buy Patagonoia R4 Yulex >>

Rip Curl Flashbomb 6/4 Hooded Wetsuit

Rip Curl Flashbomb 6/4 Hooded- £439.95

It would just be damn wrong not to feature the Flashbomb 6/4 hooded wetsuit in this list, just because this is an absolute staple of a winter wetsuit.  The Flashbomb wetsuit has always been a favourite winter wetsuit with many surfers and there are a lot of good reasons for that. 

Featuring the new E5 Flash lining - which has 25% more stretch and is lower profile and lighter than its predecessor - you can expect maximum warmth and flex for days.  Not only that but with Rip Curl's famous Flash Dry lining, this is one of the fastest drying suits on the surfing market today.  The 6/4 hooded flashbomb from Rip Curl is a true winter warrior!!!

Buy Rip Curl Flashbomb 6/4 Hooded >>


Xcel - Drylock 6/5mm Hooded Wetsuit - £439.95

If you're after one of the most technical suits on the market today then look not further than the Xcel Drylock 6/5.  Xcel have raised the bar again with this amazing suit.  The 2019/20 Drylock Wetsuit is packed full of amazing technology that is guaranteed to keep you warm this winter. This years Drylock is built with with Channel flex - Xcel’s newest material tech, which breaks down the tension you can feel in the suit, by reducing fiber and water weight, allowing complete free-range of motion and exceptional flex.

With a new easy entry system, Japanese limestone nanoprene and the ever awesome Celliant technolgy, the 2019/20 6/5 Xcel Drylock is warmer, lighter and more flexible - not to mention more eco-friendy - than ever before.

This top end suit has triple glued and blined stiched seams throughout, Dope Dye yarn and high pile celliant and hollow fibre chest plate for extreme heat retention and ultimate comfort - a serious piece of cold water surfing kit.y.  Seriously Xcel have packed this wetsuit out to keep you warmer than warm this winter!

Buy Xcel Drylock 6/5mm >>


C-Skins ReWired 6/5/4 Hooded - £295.95

C-skins just keep getting better every year! New for 2019/20, the ReWired 6/5/4mm Hooded wetsuit has all the high performance features you need to keep you in the water all winter. The entire suit is made from C-Skins excellent Xtend neoprene, giving awesome levels of flex.

The ThermoTech lightweight Poly Pro lining keeps you warm and really does dry quick! We really enjoyed the freedom of movement in the c-skins suits and were warm enough to keep the session going until our arms gave up! Again, there maybe warmer suits for the most frigid of conditions, but the flex and freedom this suit offers more than makes up for it. This suit will keep you warm for your entire session and the price really makes the ReWired 6/5/4mm hooded wetsuit a really solid options for most surfers and watermen.

Buy C-Skins ReWired 6/5/4 Hooded >>

If you have any queries or want any more information on the suits in this blog that don't hesitate to log on to our website and give our live chat a go. Or alternatively give us a ring on 01723 867919!  Don't forget we also now offer finance options.  If you're a new board and a new winter wetsuit why not take a look at our finance options and make your dream set up a reality!

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