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Top 3 Summer Small Wave Boards!

Words by Secret Spot

on 10/06/2019 16:53:54

Here at Secret Spot we stock a wide range of boards from all your favourite and well known shapers. So we thought, Summer is around the corner why not give you a rundown of our three favourite summer surfboards in stock right now!


First up let's take a look at one of our most popular boards here at Secret Spot from those boys at Firewire...

Firewire Sweet Potato (FCS II)


The reason we've chosen the Sweet Potato, is because of it's bizarre shape, and the fact that it's a solid ride whatever the waves.  The Sweet Potato should feature in pretty much everyone's quiver, it's THE go to board for summer waves.  This Board was made for those days you'd normally be driving home but instead finding yourself ripping on those 1-2 ft summer days.  There's no questions as to why this board is first in the list.  The fact that it now comes in timbertek and with FCS II fin system, The Sweet Potato is definitely a board to own.

4th Burger Monster


The 4th Burger Monster, and what a monster it is.  The BM is a volumous beast that offers fish and mini mal elements to give you maximum paddle power and keep that wave count ticking over nicely.  The Burger Monster was created with those normal waves that normal people surf everyday, and dear lord does the BM perform in those normal waves.  The BM can create speed out of those flat weak waves and leave stoked as you ride away wondering where this board has been all your life.  The BM is a perfect summer board, and winter board, and autumn board, and spring board.  Look you get the picture The Burger Monster is Epic!

Channel Island Average Joe


The Average Joe is definitely a summer board, and a great addition to any quiver.  The reason we love the Average Joe is because it's as if Al Merrick himself has shaped it for us.  Designed for those everyday waves that you wouldn't normally go out is where the AJ really performs.  The Average Joe was designed to increase your wave count and maximise your time out in the waves.  The AJ was always going to make it into this list, because it was designed for summer waves!

So there you have it...actually no there is more.  Here is a little sneak peak into whats going to be coming stock real soon, and it's definitely worth getting excited about!!!!!!!

Lost Puddle Jumper


The Lost Puddle Jumper will soon bein our grasp here at Secret Spot, and we're super excited about it.  The Puddle Jumper is something a bit special, which is why we're super excited about it.  Again made to increase your wave count and be that go to board when the surf isn't at it's best.  The Puddle Jumper's wide outline and concave bottom that transitions into a vee at the tail makes catching waves easier but also offers great stability for gliding down the line.  Shaped by Matt Biolos himself The Puddle Jumper looks to be amazing, Matt himself has said, "This is the best small wave board I've ever ridden, and I've never made a claim about a board like that before."  DEFINITELY TIME TO GET EXCITED!!!!

Lost Bean Bag

The Lost Bean Bag another board from the mind of Matt Biolos, and another board to get super psyched about.  The Bean Bag is super fun board, made for small waves and ultimate stoke.  Similar to it's predecesscor The Couch Potato, it features a wider tail and lower overall rocker to give it the ability to be surfed aggressively from tail and up onto the rail without sliding out.  The Bean Bag is meant to be surfed very short unlike most of the wide short boards out there.  So In the words of Lost Surfboards "Get off the Couch, Toss out the Lazy Boy and bust out The Bean Bag!!!!"

So alot to get excited about here at Secret Spot keep your eye's peeled for more info on the new boards dropping, and if you want the most up to date knowledge of what we're up to you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and also sign up to our mailing list to get the info before anyone else!