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The Lost Puddle Jumper Is Finally Here!!!!

Words by Secret Spot

on 10/06/2019 17:23:28

With lost co founder and shaper Matt Biolos claiming it to be "the best small wave shortboard he has ever ridden" as well as it being both the most searched and requested to review board on the Internet we were understandably buzzing with excitement to be getting our grubby little hands on the "Lost Puddle Jumper".


With a wide outline plan shape similar to the "bottom feeder" and the "R.V" it's pretty clear that this board was going to be great for doubling your wave count in small waves which is music to our ears here on the east coast. Hayden shapes "love buzz" has also been on our radar recently and there are some similar characteristics between the two approaches in finding that much sought after small wave hybrid groveller. We managed to get hold of a demo version of the 5,10" 22, 2.75 with a volume of 40.5 litres and after a lot of squabbling we decided to share out the review testing before we put pen to paper.


We have found that there has been a huge amount of momentum behind smaller, stubier, wider boards for a few years now and although they are not alone in this shift.  Firewire, for us have executed this demand perfectly with there sweet potato, baked potato and potatonator hybrid models. They have been extremely popular but we still feel that there is a gap in the market for a more performance orientated small wave board that will work in that 2-4ft range we see so often at our local spots.


After riding this little beauty in a range of small to medium surf it's pretty clear that this could well be a revolutionary find. In small clean conditions this board is lively and really manoeuvrable with a tonne of down the line speed when set up as a quad. In weak and small swell it felt responsive due to the bottom contours (concave to vee through the tail) but it really came alive when there was a bit of push behind the swell period and especially in sucky beach conditions between 2-4ft. In bigger surf it had a lot of drive and was great at handling a couple of steep drops due to the shortboard characteristics of the nose and the tail as well as the subtle shortboard rocker throughout. We also noticed that the pronounced rail curve definitely lent itself to more of a modern "top to bottom" approach when surfing in good conditions especially when set up as a quad which this board generally favours. For us this was the main advantage and a huge plus point over Firewires "Potato Hybrids" as we have found there can be a few questions hanging over them when the surf gets going.


In downright awful conditions we found the Puddle Jumper needed to have more of a shortboard approach to get it going and we reckon that anything less of an intermediate/above average standard surfer would probably struggle somewhat. Definitely less forgiving than your other small wave favourite of around the same volume so don't expect to be throwing that out just yet if onshore wind swell is your bag. We loved this board and are still fighting over it at the shop. It really is one of the best boards you will probably ever ride. We had a blast reviewing it and are looking forward to see what is next from losts domestic range as they continue to "Own" small wave progression in this vast, sprawling and ever increasing market.

22584-3If you're on the lookout for a short board to really fly in small waves but with the adaptability to still have fun in better waves you should probably check out the puddle jumper, or give the boys a call in store with any questions about ordering and availability on your next small wave slayer.