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The Endless Summer of Surf Movies!

Words by Secret Spot

on 31/03/2020 14:28:57


In these uncertain and worrying times we’re all been advised to stay indoors to keep us safe -  but what's all this being indoors, having no plans and no where to go doing to our mental wellbeing,  as we search for ways to keep ourselves busy and our brains occupied?

Well fear not, because we’ve come up with our first list of Surf videos that we have watched over the past 35 years or so, to keep you entertained.

Some may be to buy or rent, others free but these are the pick of what we can remember from a misspent youth! So in no particular order, here they are!


If you haven’t yet seen this, you’ve missed out on a true surf classic. Travelling surfer Rick travels to Hawaii, falls foul of the locals and fall’s in love with a local girl and watch out for some appearances from well known surfers.


Probably the best soundtrack to a surf movie ever!

Occy leads the charge and with a strong lineup we still have a VHS copy of this somewhere in the office.

Free on youtube this is definitely a watch with the sound on FULL.


Directed by Taylor Steele and featuring Kelly Slater, this movie was one of the most innovative and progressive surf films of the time, as they introduced us to the new crew of surf culture. Look out for Slater, Dorian and Mr Rob Machado in this 1991 classic.

A Secretspot favourite.


We opened the shop doors in 1989 and this movie was pretty much played constantly in the shops most days. We still argue to this day whether it is the best all time classic surf movie ever. We’ll let you decide.


With a thumping soundtrack this film is all about pushing the limits of modern surfing. Forget perfect glassy conditions and bring on chunky onshore wedges. This is just over 10 years old now but garrenteed you will have this on repeat and dont forget to turn up the volume... Starring Dane ,Jordy , Dion, Dusty and Mitch Coleburn.

ARCHY // Built for speed, born to ride..

This is a personal favourite. Follow Archys journey and how he helped redefine modern day surfing. A surfing rockstar of his time who didn't want to follow the rules but set them, from 2ft t-street to 12ft off the wall, from massive airs to power hacks to deep barrels. He blew minds of his time and pathed the way for the free surfers of today.

If you like surfing, cars, and music Archy is a must watch.


A true story about legendary big wave surfer Jay Moriarity who became the youngest surfer to take on Mavericks.

LOST - whats really going wrong

Funny, raw, heavy soundrack. Before the world of youtube this is what we lived on.

ENDLESS SUMMER (trailer here - watch on iTunes)

A classic that every surfer should watch. From a time when every surf trip really was an exploration.

LITMUS - trailer here // available on amazon prime

In some peoples opinion, we’ve saved the best till last.

We are always interested in what you are watching and what we should put in our next blog - which obvs will be called 'The Endless Summer of surf movies 2' ha ha - just hit us up on social (facebook // insta // twitter), drop us an email on – or you can can always call us on 01723 867919 to talk boards, movies, surf trips and better days ahead.

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