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The Bosses guide to Surfing the Mentawai's

Words by Secret Spot

on 10/06/2019 17:40:45

Planning an Indo Trip?
A couple of months back the boss of our humble organisation walked into the office and announced to the staff he would shortly be leaving us to go spend a few weeks in the Mentawai islands in Indonesia in early March. After much delight around the staff at escaping the tyrant of a boss for a few weeks this was soon met with much jealousy at the perfect waves he'd apparently be surfing and in warm water too.

Now,the boss teamed up with a crew of Cornish including ex european champ Ben Baird and current UK veteran champ Roger Knight amongst a group of 8 to head out on this dream trip and after looking at the various options decided on Mentawai Surf Camp as the place to stay.


This was to be our home for the trip and whilst not luxurious by western standards it was more than comfortable and was the perfect base for exploring the waves around the Mentawais with Diego our host and his team.
After much debate on types of waves that would be surfed the boss settled on the following for his quiver:
These were Fred Rubbles with a rounded pin and seemed to be a real versatile board ideal for him in hopefully great waves.The shape and rocker of the Rubble would allow easy wave catching whilst still allowing it to hold in once things get a little steeper with the rounded pintail.Kelly Slater surfs this board in wide ranging conditions,albeit in a 5' 8" so its from trusted heritage from Al Merrick and the guys at Channel Island Surfboards.
The boards were a 6'0 Fred Rubble with FCS 2, a 6'3 Fred Rubble with a Rounded Pin also with the new FCS 2 fin system and the 6'8 Fred Rubble was fitted with futures as he thought it would be good to get his own idea on the various merits of the new system from FCS and also on Futures as they seem to be gaining popularity particularly in the UK with many UK board shapers.


 quiver 2quiver 3
Both boards were fitted with Kommunity Project deckgrips and Ocean and Earth leashes which we strongly reccommend as the best leashes in the industry and pretty much un breakable.
For Surfboard travel protection he used an Kommunity Project Kelly Slater Signature 6'6 Boardbag which provided great protection at a reasonable budget price and easily fitted 4 surfboards and a lot of clothing luggage in as well.
For  Sun protection he used a long sleeved rash vest to make the most of those long sessions through the midday sun and avoid having to suncream up all the time.
For skincare he used the excellent range from Headhunter and this proved more than adequate and did'nt run in the water like some sunscreens can.
After surfing year round in booties he decided on a pair of reef boots from Xcel and ended up using these on the shallower reefs when the feet touched the bottom regularly avoiding unneccessary reef cuts which could potentially keep you out of the water.

surfing 2

We trust this will help you should you be lucky enough to travel over to Indo or anywhere else tropical in the near future and if you got any questions hit us back. At Secretspot unlike many other Surf companies in the business these days everyone of our staff members Surf regularly and hopefully we can pass on this enthusiasm and experience to help you get the most from your trip.

surfing 1

Happy Travels and we hope this guide helped