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Slater Designs // No Brainer

Words by Secret Spot

on 01/08/2019 12:39:46

We are red lining in anticipation as we approach the final days before the newest release by Slater Designs, the No Brainer lands here at HQ. This board has stirred a lot of excitement within the realms of Instagram and social media prior to its release, but for good reason. The shape itself is easy on the eye and as we’ve been told by the guys at firewire - it goes as easy as it looks! This board boasts a template for maximum fun in waves from just overhead to anything below which conveniently for us tends to be the conditions 80% of the year in the UK.

The No Brainer encourages speed as it holds an extremely flat rocker line with only a little bit of flip in both the nose and tail for ease of turning and catching when taking a steeper drop. The concaves of the board work in turn with the rocker to harness speed and to get the board on rail with minimal effort. The bottom contour is made up of a subtle belly vee in the nose that goes into a moderate single concave under the chest. Within that single concave is a double concave that runs through nearly the entire length of the board. Even through the fins. Which turns into a spiral vee out of the tail. A 6ft board holds 37.7 Litres of foam which is generous for its size.

That sort of ratio compliments our needs as east coast surfers. Especially in the winter months when we’re packing more rubber and need a little more float for easy wave catching ability. Suitable for people who are thinking of purchasing their first shortboard/fish shape (go for the higher volume options). Also as appealing for the more able surfer that wants to get loose and throw the tail around. That’s why we’re so stoked on this board, it’s so versatile.

Especially in the five fin set up. So if you’re thinking about replacing your daily driver/small wave board then this should be up there with any other contender. This board is fast, easy to use and comes in the LFT construction which has proven itself in waves all around the world.

Get the No Brainer, it’s a NO BRAINER!

We have stock of this board from 5’8” – 6’4” – get on it quick as these boards are flying out fast!