Scarborough and Cayton Bay Surf Forecast

Words by Secret Spot

on 25/07/2019 12:44:00

All times are GMT except Mar 27 - Oct 29 which are British Summer Time This Surf Forecast is for the Scarborough area covering North Bay, South Bay and Cayton Bay and is based entirely on our knowledge of the local area.SS-LastRow-Ad-1Left-img_thumb

Forecast   Date                         Wave Conditions Swell Direction Swell Size Wind Direction Wind Speed High Tide        Tide Height

Wednesday 20th August

Surf should turn up today in the 1-2 feet range with clean ideal offshore winds . It will be small so check the cams with the best conditions on offer around early lunch time onwards.

NW 1-2 feet SW 10-16 mph 08:21 5.6 m

Thursday 21st August

Strong offshores overnight are likely to have deduced any significant swell there was. A chance over a very small rideable wave first light but the size is very likely to reduce quickly through the day . Again check the cams before making the decision, fingers crossed it will hold . Hard to call

NW 1 – 1.5  feet SW 14 - 20 mph 09:00 5.5 m

Friday 22nd August

Looks to be almost flat today at this present time

NW Flat SW 10 – 18 mph 09:42 5.5 m

Saturday 23rd August

Bank holiday weekend but looking like another minuscule or flat day today, but the sunshine forecast looks good. Ideal conditions for sup’s or coasteering !!!

NW Flat SSE 7 - 13 mph 10:46 5.4 m

Sunday 24th August

Similar to Saturday with little or no surf forecasted.

NW Flat N 4 - 8 mph 12:00 5.3 m
Monday 25th August

Again similar with little or no wave action today folks currently forecasted.

NW Flat SW 10 – 20 mph 12:52 5.1 m