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Lost V3 Stealth Surfboard Review

Words by Secret Spot

on 10/06/2019 17:33:24

ost Surfboards V3 Stealth Review

Since 1989, we've seen a hell of a lot of surfboards, but once in a while we get real excited about a new model coming before us. The V3 Stealth from the talented surfboard shaper Matt Biolos and his team at Lost is one such board.
We're going to be running with a few variants of this board as we feel this is going to be a winner in 2017 for most people.  The first is going to be the standard PU version that comes without the channels and is the most affordable board in the range.We are also running this board in stock dimensions so should suit most people.


The second option is the increasingly popular and sick looking carbon wrap technology. These boards have been real popular and we have already done a few custom surfboard orders for customers over the Xmas period and were real stoked on how these have turned out. Admittedely these are at the top end of the price spectrum, but as you appreciate these boards are packed with all the latest features.

The V3 Stealth is a variant on the ever popular V3 Rocket where they have basically taken the rocket and added a more shortboard feeling nose for a traditional template. This should allow the board to still have that wider rocket diamond tail with the flutes that not only look real good, but will still perform in those weaker  and good days alike.
Another big thing that we like this year is the channels on the tail of the board. Once popular in the 80's, surfers such as  Kelly Slater with his Slater surfboards with Daniel Thomson(Tomo and Firewire Surfboards collabaration) have been experimenting with them more recently. The design of the R-4C channels is such that the the channels are toed in to a vanishing point towards the nose of the board. What this means is that unlike the traditional parallel channels that tend to only work in cleaner overhead conditions but drag in less than ideal conditions these radiator channels should work when conditions are onshore and sloppy like we tend to get here in the UK in the summer.
Don't forget, if you want to chat to any of us, just give us a shout on 0044 1723 500467 and one of the team will happily chat surfboards for as long as you want. If we don't have it, we can happily advise on any custom and stock a massive range. We also offer part exchanges and 0% Finance on all purchases over £500. Enjoy folks. Shop the range here.