At Secretspot we believe in creating awareness about the environmental impacts of the surf industry we are all part of and promoting sustainable innovation to bring about lasting change to the way surfers look to shop and use products. Less haste, less waste.

  1. What is Surf-Stainable?
    We list products we believe to be designed with sustainability as a key concern
    No product is ever 100% impact free, but promote products which we believe to be paving the way for environmental improvements.
  2. Why do you promote Surf Stainable products?
    From polyester surfboards to traveling the globe, a surfers carbon footprint is generally a lot higher than many think, it’s time to promote products that give something back to the planet we are all a part of.
  3. What criteria makes a product ‘Surf-Stainable’
    The Products we list under our ‘Surf-Stainable’ category must be at least one of the following?
    • Feature recycled materials
    • Made from organic material such as organic cotton
    • Durability – products must be built to stand the test of time, you should think about buying once and buying right
    • Products must be made with environmental sustainability as a key concern, for example an ‘eco-surfboard’ produces at least 30% less CO2 than a regular surfboard.
  4. Do we seek to make profit from the surf-stainability movement?
    Yes, Secretspot is a business and we seek to make profit, however we are firm believers that business and sustainability can co-exist in the right environment. You have the power to change our business, we will react to what you as the consumer want. Together we can buy less, buy better and surf more.
If you are looking to make your purchase more environmentally friendly keep an eye open for the above logo.

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