Very round and sleek curves. Gentle rockers. Easy to ride for all levels and easy to ride in all types of waves the Glazer bridges the gap between the forgiving hybrid design the high performance shortboard.

This highly anticipated thruster from Rob Machado x Firewire Surfboards is dropping at secret spot this July and we are all psyched to see what the master of style himself can bring to the thruster table!!. With sessions online of Rob tearing it up at the surf ranch (see below), this sleek and curvy board will deliver waves, smiles and only good vibes.  

With the volumes high, you can ride the Glazer a lot smaller than a standard shortboard but still have the confidence to crack over the rail and really give it some off the top.  The wide point is under your chest so you still have the wave catching edge and with the gentle rocker delivers plenty of glide over the flat spots.  This board will suit a surfer wanting to try something more responsive without loosing the comfort or float of hybrid.  In summary, its easy to ride for all levels and easy to ride in all types of waves.

Available from 5’5 – 6’1, the most vibey thruster  you could wish for is available at Secret Spot from July 2020 – click here to buy yours!

What Rob says: “like to think of the guy at VG’s Donuts that glazes the donuts. Pretty important dude. Kinda makes or breaks a donut. He’s the GLAZER.  And then you have my number one test pilot – TODD GLASER. He’s been riding this board for close to a decade. We’ve been modifying and tweaking it for years. A little bit of width here… a touch of thickness there… back and forth until we finally agreed that it was ready”

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