Brought to you by Secret Spot Surf Shop the King of the Point is a different kind of UK surf comp.

With a six month waiting period the contest only gets called on when there’s a serious swell rolling down the North Sea. The entrants put their names forward to compete in advance and are given entry based mainly on the fact that they have proven to us that when a big one swings their way they will turn and go. So – Boys, Girls – Famous, Underground – Rippers, Cruisers – Old, Young – it doesn’t matter everyone gets a fair chance.

Whoever takes off on the biggest bombs in the most critical sections on the day takes the title. Easy right?

KOTP Traffic Light System

The event can happen anytime in a six month window and during that period we are constantly looking for that ‘epic chart’ that will run the contest. During the waiting period we keep everyone updated on the events status via the following system of graphics on our social media accounts.

NB: Our current waiting period is from 1/01/2024 till 1/06/2024

No swell on the horizon.
Event on hold

4-5 days out we would let you know it’s looking possible and you might need to clear your diary.

Grab your gun, it’s game on!! You’ve got 24 hours to get yourself sorted and up to the contest site.



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