Ben Gravy x Wave Bandit // Performer and E.Z rider

Words by Secret Spot

on 02/08/2019 16:24:21

We’ve seen Jamie O’Brien charge Pipeline on his 9ft log, we’ve seen him send it on a 6ft6 Skipper at Waimea shore break and now we have Ben Gravy joining the party with his Wave Bandit range – The Performer  - a High Performance Fish Shape & the E.Z Rider, Fun Egg shape great for beginners and advanced alike .... More

Slater Designs // No Brainer

Words by Secret Spot

on 01/08/2019 12:39:46

We are red lining in anticipation as we approach the final days before the newest release by Slater Designs, the No Brainer lands here at HQ. This board has stirred a lot of excitement within the realms of Instagram and social media prior to its release, but for good reason. The shape itself is easy on the eye and as.... More

Scarborough and Cayton Bay Surf Forecast

Words by Secret Spot

on 25/07/2019 12:44:00

All times are GMT except Mar 27 - Oct 29 which are British Summer Time This Surf Forecast is for the Scarborough area covering North Bay, South Bay and Cayton Bay and is based entirely on our knowledge of the local area. Forecast   Date                         .... More

The Bosses guide to Surfing the Mentawai's

Words by Secret Spot

on 10/06/2019 17:40:45

Planning an Indo Trip? A couple of months back the boss of our humble organisation walked into the office and announced to the staff he would shortly be leaving us to go spend a few weeks in the Mentawai islands in Indonesia in early March. After much delight around the staff at escaping the tyrant.... More

2018 Winter Wetsuits - Secretspot Choices

Words by Secret Spot

on 10/06/2019 17:37:45

Winter Wetsuits - Secretspot choices / your choices Here at Secretspot we know a lot about wetsuits and surfing(if we do say so ourselves!). We have been around since 1989 serving firstly the NE surf community before expanding to a distribution network that today stretches all over Europe. From those first beginnings way back we have.... More