Firewire Surfboards - Unibrow 5'10 Surfboard (FST)

The Unibrow is designed to to be a performance hybrid shortboard which doesn't feel too bukly in good surf. Designer Dan Mann wanted something which married all the qualities of a Dominator, Sweet Potato and Potatonator but still hold it's own in better waves. He has added an agressive single concave which starts all the way from the nose, deep toward the fins and splits into a subtle double concave which pushes water through the inside of the front fins.

Product Code: 18291
Price: £549.00

Product Information


The Unibrow is set to light up the waters all around the world. Another super versatile shape which combats a number of conditions with style and ease. The Unibrow is no doubt the product of some gene splicing, with the addition of boards like the Potatonator and Sweet Potato, the world wants an inbetween do-everything board which will only progress your surfing no end. We would suggest this board to someone who doesn't have time for a quiver, one board for a variety of conditions.


- Length: 5' 10"

- Width: 19 1/2"

- Thickness: 2 1/2"

- Volume: 30.2

- Tail: Round

- FST (Future Shapes Technology) - fiberglass and epoxy resin

- Fin boxes: FCS five fin set up


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