Firewire Surfboards - V4 6'2 Surfboard (W Rapidfire/FW435)

The V4 is another collab from the famed Tomo Surfboard/Firewire camp. The V4 is also another example of Daniel Thomson's Modern Planing Hull concepts which are pushing the perceptions how we ride surfboards with their shapes. The V4 takes a traditional fish outline and fixes a shortboard middle to nose making the board versatile, fast and movable. The white Rapidfire construction makes use of the flex from the carbon rods through the middle of the board. With all the technology and advances in the new shapes coming from Firewire then the V4 will transform your surfing no end.

Product Code: 18301
Sale Price: £399.00
RRP: £589.00

Product Information

--------SECRET SPOT REVIEW--------

The V4 is a perfect example of the Tomo Surfboards advances in surfboard outlines and construction. The V4 should be considered a high performance hybrid which will perform effortlessly in a pleathora of conditions. The double diamond tail will hold in vertical, good surf yet the stubby middle will float once the surf becomes less powerful. The V4 would suited to a surfer who wants one board for most condition and someone not afraid to experiment.


-Bamboo "Sandwich" deck skin

-Fiberglass and Epoxy resin

-Dual Density Core

-Parabolic Carbon rod suspension system


-Length: 6' 2"
-Width: 19 1/2"
-Thickness: 2 1/2"
-Tail: Double-diamond
-Volume: 34.8

Customer Reviews
  • The order was super well packed. Got the stick within a week from UK to NL in great order. So that's all good. The board itself is a little heavier than the fst technology. But still really light. I'm a big boy and the board isn't really up for the small crappy stuff in the Netherlands. I was hoping it would, but it's just a little to narrow for a groveler. I usually surf a Firewire fst Lost Stealth 6.2 which is 20.5 wide I believe. the V4 turns like a charm though, high speed in turns. I think it will do great in small Indo waves or France....
    16/Aug/2013 | Ronald van Rijn