Surf Report

Scarborough and Cayton Bay Surf Forecast  (Last updated: Wednesday 7th October)

Should have some surf coming through over the next coming days folks check out the day to day run down here 

Forecast Date Wave Conditions Swell Direction Swell Size Wind Direction Wind Speed High Tide AM High Tide PM
Wednesday 7th October

Realistically 2-3 feet minimum hopefully bigger . Winds are forecasted cross offshore all day so should be reasonably clean if the swell is big enough 

SE 2-4 feet WNW 10-16 mph 12.30 4.6m 1.20 4.6m
Thursday 8th October

Surprisingly good this morning solid 3-4 feet and clean . Surf all day folks .

ESE 3-4 feet SSW 2-8 mph 1.39 4.8m 1.20 4.8m
Friday 9th October

Better early doors when the swell is at its biggest dropping quickly later in the day .

ENE 2 feet + Dropping later S 2-6 mph 2.34 5.0m 3.07 5.0m
Saturday 10th October

A total change in weather patterns means the surf will be small today prob in the 1-2 feet range . 

ENE 1-2 feet SSE 10-20 mph 3.19 5.2m 3.45 5.2m
Sunday 11th October

A fresh pulse of easterly swell should arrive today with an increase in size to around 2-3 feet winds are not as strong as earlier forecast so that's a bonus 

E 2-3 feet ESE 8-15 mph 3.57 5.4m 4.18 5.3m
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All times are GMT except Mar 27 - Oct 29 which are British Summer Time
This Surf Forecast is for the Scarborough area covering North Bay, South Bay and Cayton Bay and is based entirely on our knowledge of the local area.