A brand new range of Channel Island surfboard by the legendary Al Merrick now available here at Secret Spot! No one can argue that Al Merrick is one of the most important figures in surfing, having lead the way in innovative surfboard design and technology for over 30 years. His boards have won more world titles than any other shaper, the surfers who choose to ride them are the worlds best and the shapes he designs are copied by young up starts the world over. Have a look at our range of Channel Island surfboards here at Secret Spot, wether you are looking for the advanced versatility of the DFR from Dane Reynolds, the stubby fast shortboard stylings of the Motorboard Too or the highly anticipated Weirdo Ripper as well as many other boards incuding the Fred Rubble, Neck Beard or Dumpster Diver then look no further. Everyone knows the impact on surfing Al Merrick and his boards have had, now own one of the boards which lead Kelly Slater to win 11 titles and countless other accolades.  We also stock a huge range of Al Merrick tailpads, leashes and accessories to jazz up your stick even further. We also do custom orders on any Channel Islands and Al Merrick boards, if you wish to inquire about a custom board you can email us or check out our blog here for more information.

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